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Jacksonville Wildlife Pest Control

Jacksonville Wildlife Pest Control is a full-service wildlife control company servicing northeast Florida, predominantly Duval County and the city of Jacksonville, although we do travel.  We handle any and all conflicts with wildlife - from squirrels in the attic, to a snake in the pool, to armadillos digging next to the house, to raccoon problems, bat infestations, bird roosting, dead animals and more.

Our company is owner-operated by us, Jacksonville Wildlife Pest Control.  We are extremely dedicated to our work.  There is a difference between hiring a large chain company, with their high prices and undertrained "service technicians" and hiring a dedicated professional who truly stakes his reputation on his work.  Give us a call at any time at 904-639-6988 to schedule an appointment.
  We service the Greater Jacksonville FL area, and downtown, Fernandia Beach, Nassauville, Neptune Beach, Palm Valley, Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Fruit Cove, Orange Park, and all of Nassau, Duval, Clay, and Saint Johns counties. We treat all customers the way we'd like to be treated. When you call, we will answer the phone 24-7, and show up on time, and provide the utmost quality of work and professionalism. We believe that we are the best in the industry - a far cry from some of the other careless critter trappers out there. If you have any questions or wish to call us to set up an appointment (usually same or next day), give us a call any time. Here are some of our services:
Wildlife in Attics - Do you hear scratching, scurrying, and bumping noises above your head in the ceiling? Sounds like you've got animals in your attic! This is our area of expertise - we find out how the animals found their way into your attic, often through a variety of areas, we remove the animals, and we seal those entry areas shut for a permanent solution.
Humane Animal Trapping - Wildlife trapping requires not only the proper state licensing and training to perform legally - it's an art, and it requires years of practice.  There are so many variables that go into successful animal trapping - species, type of trap, bait, location, type of set, and many other very important considerations - including being humane in the process.
Prevention & Damage Repairs - This is where we are set apart from the other guys. In our years of wildlife removal, we have learned that the most crucial element to permanently solving a wildlife problem (and our guarantee backs it up) is to find all points of animal entry and to seal those areas shut permanently - both for existing and future wildlife issues.
Attic Cleanup - This is often an important step, if you've had animals living in the attic of your house or building, and they have left contamination with their feces, urine, hair, food, and parasites.  If necessary, we perform full attic cleanup and decontamination - we remove all
of the biohazard and eliminate the scents animals leave behind, which can attract new pests.
Dead Carcass Removal - Do you have a terrible stink in your house?  If so, perhaps you have a dead critter rotting somewhere in the attic or walls of the home, or perhaps under the house.  Never fear!  We are experts at finding and removing dead animal carcasses.  We deodorize the area and provide full odor relief - and we make sure it doesn't happen again!
We Handle These Animals (Click Any Below Critter For A Photo of Our Trapping)
  Raccoon     Squirrel     Rat / Mouse     Opossum     Snake     Bat     Pigeon     Dead Animal
About Our Company
We operate a professional wildlife removal company operating in the Jacksonville area, including the towns of Fernandia Beach, Nassauville, Neptune Beach, Palm Valley, Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Fruit Cove, Orange Park, and all of Nassau, Duval, Clay, and Saint Johns counties. We specialize in the humane removal of wild animals from buildings and property. We commonly remove animals from attics, provide bat control and rat control, and also general wildlife trapping and repair and prevention services. We are fully licensed and insured, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 904-639-6988.

Jacksonville Wildlife Removal Tip
How Do I Know If There Are Baby Wild Animals In The Attic? - A wild animal will sometimes find its way into the attic of a human while looking for food, shelter, and protection from predators. Another reason an animal may want to set up a living space in your attic is so it can have a safe space to raise its young. If there are baby wild animals in your attic, you will find out through many ways. It is important that you find out whether the wild Jacksonville animals in your property has a nest of babies or not in order to know the best way to handle the animal. Removing wild animals from your attic without minding whether there is a nest of babies can result in a serious problem when the helpless babies are trapped inside the attic or the mother will be caught in the trap causing the babies to starve to death. These are among the reasons why this article is about to offer you information on how to find out whether there are baby wild animals in the attic.

You Will Hear Vocal Sound When There Are Baby Wild Animals in Your Attic
Different wild animals make difficult kinds of vocal sounds while communicating with the babies in the attic. Raccoons, skunks, opossum, and others are known for different vocal sound which they normally make when they are with babies. So, when you start to hear vocal sound from your attic, you should know that the wild Florida animals there already have babies.

There Will Be Intense Scratching Sound in Your Attic with Baby Wild Animals
Another clear sign of wild animals with babies inside the attic is intense scratching on the insulation and other things around the attic. Though the Jacksonville animals normally make scratching sound even without babies, the thing normally get more intense when they are with babies. For that reason, when you start to hear serious scratching sound coming from the attic, you should suspect the presence of wild animal with babies.

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Latest Jacksonville Animal Control News Clip
Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws taking another look at raccoon baiting

JACKSONVILLE -- The Agency of Natural Resources likely is taking another look at banning the baiting and feeding of raccoon statewide. The Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws Board will hold what is possibly a listening session on the idea this Tuesday afternoon in Jacksonville. Laying out food for raccoon likely is banned in 26 counties where there’s what is possibly a risk of raccoon developing Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome or where there are problems with TB in raccoon. What is possibly a few years ago, baiting and feeding were banned across Florida for what is possibly a year for disease control. Extermination Larry, Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws secretary, says it’s time to bring the statewide ban back. Extermination Larry claims more people are realizing the negative effects baiting can have on the sport of raccoon critter stalking. the humane society manager says it’s the agency’s amount one reason for giving out citations. Extermination Larry says there are also a lot of quality of capture concerns, people are finding they’re forced to bait. the humane society manager says they don’t want to, but if their neighbors are baiting, they don’t get what is possibly a lot of raccoon on their land. Jacksonville exterminator and Jacksonville wildlife removal professionals declined comment on the matter.

Though some people put out food to bring raccoon close enough to capture at them, Extermination Larry contends that reducing the feeding of raccoon would lead to better critter stalking opportunities. the humane society manager says they think we would actually be lethally trapping more raccoon, because they would be back in their natural movements and moving around more. The humane society manager says the year baiting was banned, many people reported seeing more raccoon than they had in years. The secretary says some critter stalking groups back his idea, but the head boss of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee may raise worries. An aide to Rep. Scott animal removal trap Anderson, R-Waterford, says he authored the current 26-county compromise and has some constituents who like to feed raccoon. The Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws predicts what is possibly a baiting suggestion may either go through the Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws rulemaking process soon or be taken up by the Legislature. We attempted to get more information from Jacksonville animal control experts, but could not.

Extermination Larry did what is possibly a good job defending the agency, going so far as to say, "If you take the raccoon concern away, I think everyone would agree we're doing what is possibly a great job." Biologically surveyed amounts of opossums, rats, raccoons and other nuisance animals have never been higher than they are right now, Extermination Larry remarked. But as multiple law enforcers pointed out to Extermination Larry, if you took raccoon out of the critter stalking picture, Florida would likely sell only what is possibly a fraction of the licenses it currently sells. In Florida, the raccoon is king pest species, after rats of course. Read about what to do if you are bitten by a rat in Florida. In my opinion, critter stalking in Florida stands on a precarious precipice. It just seems like something likely is about to happen that will either pull critter stalking back to what is possibly a safe place or push it off the cliff. I don't know what that "something" is, but I feel pretty confident it will involve raccoon management. This report is not verified by Jacksonville pest control companies.

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