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How to remove bats or rodents from barrel tile roofs

The reasons why a barrel tile roof is so attractive is also the reason why it can be difficult to remove rodents or bats from it. Different ridges of the barrel tile roof may look nice but every tile has its own gap and the bats or other animals may squeeze themselves inside. The clay tiles are dark and warm and it is a good place for roosting for the bats. The bats like to enter or to exit using vertical gaps but not the horizontal ones like the opening of the chimney. When there is the tear in a tar paper under the tile, the bats may easily live there. Every tile of the ridge of the bats may be a home to the animal or to the bats and it is hard to remove the bats successfully and to seal the barrel tile roof since there are hundreds as the entry points.

When the rodents or bats are able to enter into your home using the tiles, it is certain that they are going to find a way in the attic. When the bats get in the attic or in the living area, there are many problems that they can cause. The animals and bats may carry the rabies and even if in general the bats may not be the carriers, it is possible that the rabid bat may get into the home and bite you or someone in the home. It is hard to make sure that the bat that bites you is not the career. You need to undergo the treatment at once since rabies is a disease that can be fatal when it is not treated well.

To be able to remove the bats in humanely and legally way, the live bats exclusion should be performed. It involves placing the one way exclusion device on an entry point or on many entry points. The animal or the bat is going to exist using the device and they may re-enter through a one-way valve or flap. The exclusion devices are found in different forms and they are made using different materials. If the bats roost into the tiles and not in attic, then every ridge is a possible home to a bat. It is impossible to use the exclusion device on every tile and it is illegal to kill the bats. You have to wait until the bats immigrate to seal the openings in the tiles. It is hard to seal each tile on the barrel tile roof individually and the best way is to use a steel cloth on each tile.

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