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What to Do About A Cage-Shy Wild Animal

When you find out that a wild Jacksonville animal has decided to make its home on your property or in your house, your first instinct will probably be to get rid of it as quickly as possible. There are several methods that can be used to accomplish this, so you have to determine what is right for your situation.

When it comes to wild animals, trapping is the most popular method to use with a humane or cage trap. While this is one of the most effective methods of catching different wild animals, some cage-shy animals are not easy to catch in a cage. You may end up spending all your time positioning a wild Florida animal cage trap without being able to catch the animal when it is a hard to catch or cage-shy wild animal that is disturbing your property. This article is about to provide you with the information on what you need to do when you want to catch cage-shy wild animals.

Use Alluring Bait to Lure a Cage-Shy Wild Animal into a Trap
The truth is that even the most elusive wild animal must be attracted by some kind of food. So what you have to do is find out the particular kind of food that will be hard to resist to the animal. You can use such kind of food to bait your trap and you will be surprised at how quickly your humane cage trap will hold the wild Jacksonville animal. The truth is that the wild animal may not even know that it has been trapped while going after the bait you placed inside the cage.

Make Sure You Position Your Trap in a Strategic Place to Catch a Cage-Shy Wild Animal
The way you position your cage trap will determine the effectiveness in catching some kind of wild animal. If you are dealing with a cunning wild animal, you have to cage it with a cunning trapping technique. You must place the trap in the position the Florida animal will least expect. That may be at the pathway to the habitat or the particular area the wild animal normally follows while going to forage.

Make Use of a One-Way Cage Trap to Catch a Cage-Shy Wild Animal
Honestly, it is not an easy thing dealing with an elusive wild animal in your attic or any other part of your property. But you can easily get the animal caught in your trap when you make use of a one-way cage trap. The cage-shy wild Jacksonville animal will not even know when it has gotten into your trap without being able to come out when you set a one-way cage trap for the animal.

Contact a Professional Wild Animal Control Service for a Cage-Shy Wild Animal
Dealing with a cage-shy wild animal is not easy as it can take you much time and energy to get it lured into the trap. But you can transfer the stress to a team of experts in animal removal. That is why you need to contact a professional wild animal control service when you have a problem with a hard to catch or cage-shy wild Florida animal.

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