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Are Armadillos Dangerous to Pets?

When you have a pet, you want to make sure that they are taken care of at all times. Part of this responsibility is protecting them from any wildlife that may come onto your property. This includes raccoons, squirrel, stray cats, and in some cases even Jacksonville armadillos. The armadillos are nocturnal creatures and are very active in the summer. However, it is common to find them in homes as they look for food. They are known to eat eggs, worms and insects. In your home, you may think they do not cause any harm, but this is hardly the case. They damage the landscape in search for worms. They also are a potential risk to chickens since they eat the eggs. When they sense danger, they become defensive by fighting and this could harm your pets like dogs and cats.

Why you need to keep the armadillos from your property
When it comes to the armadillos, you need to make sure you keep them off your property. Many people think they are harmless creatures, but this is not the case. They are known to cause loads of harm, and this could lead to serious injuries. Common details about the Florida armadillos include the fact they:
• Produce a bad smell
• Destroy the landscape
• Hunt at night
• Make funny noises
These are some of the reasons that make the armadillo a dangerous creature. At the end of the day, you want to make your home safe and all your pets safe from this animal.

Cause deadly scratches
The armadillos can cause deadly scratches since they have the bacteria that make pets like dogs and cats weak when they are fighting. The same happens when they scratch humans, and this means rushing to the hospital to seek treatment. They are violent animals known to cause panic, and when they sense danger, they become defensive, and through scratching, they keep danger away.

Spread diseases easily
You need to know that the Jacksonville armadillos have bacteria which they carry in them. When they sense any danger, they scratch and they transfer the bacteria. This is the case for many pet owners who have to rush to the vet to seek treatment for their pets. At the end of the day, you want to eliminate the dangers for your pets, and this starts when you focus on eliminating the armadillos from your property.

Call animal control
You do not want to encounter an angry armadillos, and this is the reason why it is highly advisable for one to call animal control. When you do this, it becomes very easy for them to eliminate the threat. You also have a good chance of finding out all the weak areas in your property that attract the Florida armadillos to your home. When you do this, you no longer need to worry about any cases of armadillos affecting your pets or landscape. Once you notice any sign of their presence, you need to take drastic measures since they are known to cause havoc especially on landscapes.

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