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We are experts when it comes to rats in a house, attic, or any building! We do a FAR better job at complete and permanent rodent elimination than any other company in the Jacksonville area. We seal up the house or building permanently, with steel to keep any rats or mice from ever finding their way back in again.

Below is an email that I received about a rat problem in Jacksonville, and we went out and permanently solved their rat problem:

Hi and thanks in advance for taking time to read this. We are having a rodent problem that dates back to November 2008. At that time, we heard noises coming from our attic as if something was running back and forth. Then we heard noises coming from a tin conduit that houses wires that run into our electrical panel located in our garage. I removed the cover and found a nest complete with acorns(squirrels). Outside, I found an access where the A/C lines run up the wall into the attic. On the roof I found that an end cap was missing from the roof vent on the peak of the house. I sealed the 3 areas with expanding foam and placed a sqirrel trap in the attic.

I found that the bait was consistently taken but the trap was not activated. We thought it was operator error. I then baited the trap and left the doors closed: something still got in and took the peanut butter. After several days, using glue traps and an electronic trap, we caught about 6-8 baby rats or possibly mice. Two of them had actually made it into the house before we got them all. My wife was not happy and very disgusted at the thought of it all. I thought it was all over at this point. I was wrong....

The end of June 2009: Here's the part my wife does not know......... I heard a noise once again when no one else was home. There was a LARGE rat stuck on a glue trap left over in the attic. I think it was a male. It pulled off the trap and ran away. I got it 2 days later with the electronic trap. I rechecked the outside for an entry and found that something had eaten through the foam on the roof vent and made a small hole. I stuffed it with steel wool and re-foamed it.

The rest of the story is common family knowledge....

First week of August 2009: My wife found a single dropping on the master bathroom floor near the sink directly below a skylight. I had sealed the skylight area with foam a few months earlier just to be on the safe side. Nothing appeared tampered, but I found a couple of small droppings on a tiny ledge up there. I don't know if the droppings were pushed through a tiny crack or if something had gotten through. Its an 8-10 foot drop from up at the top of the skylight. I think I saw something(a dropping) a few nights earlier but I'm not sure.

We called a local company And This Is What Has Been Done So Far:

August 11th: Inspected for an entry point but nothing definite found. The Service Tech stated he is not always able to find one where mice are concerned... they can get in the smallest of places. Attic inspection revealed both mice and rat droppings. He said it looked like they had been there a while but when I asked about decontamination he said there wasn't any heavy areas. There were many tunnels in the insulation but it was not heavily soiled. 3 Bait stations set up along back yard property lines. 8 mice and 4 rat traps placed in the attic. Our electronic trap is set up in the bathroom.

August 14th: Peanut butter eaten off one trap(i thought he said it wasn't tripped). No catches. Relocated 3 traps in attic.

August 18th: No bites or catches. Minor activity on 2 of the outside bait stations. I'm not sure if anything was relocated.

August 21st: Different type of bait placed on traps and some traps relocated in attic near master bathroom skylight. At that time the service tech said that he found 1 trap tripped and 1 with peanut butter missing when he made his second visit.

He is scheduled to come out tomorrow, August 27th.
Addition to the story: In July we had our septic tank pumped because of a smell coming from the spare bathroom. The smell lingered after it was pumped and it would come and go in intensity. Currently the smell is very faint and intermittant: I think it is truly a septic smell and not something dead. The next step is to replace the wax seal under the toilet and snake the air vents coming out of the roof.

Our alarm system: Has gone off twice in recent weeks. Once during a bad storm while we were away and once in the middle of the night(we found no open doors, windows, etc.). It may have an electrical problem related to the lightning and need to be serviced or it might be..... you know.

Is there something more we can do about this problem that we are missing or should we just stay the course?

I haven't heard any sounds or seen any droppings in several days. The company will making their 5th visit tomorrow and haven't asked for more money since the initial visit. Any advise you have would be greatly appreciated. I was very impressed with your website and wish you were closer to our location. I don't think we could afford to have you travel out of your normal area.

Thanks in advance for your help,

You veyr likely have rats, not mice. The small ones are baby rats. There are pretty much no mice here in Jacksonville. Expanding foam will not keep them out. You need to use steel mesh or steel wool backing. The bait is disappearing due to insects, probably roaches, maybe ants. The smell is from the septic, not dead rats. That company you hired is a large chain, service is only as good as the technician they send out - could be good or bad. You need to find any possible openings and seal them with steel, and set snap traps in the attic on the runways. If you wish to hire our services, we can be out tomorrow. Just give us a call.

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